Your pension, your future
Love your future. Shell Pension.
Your pension, your future
Love your future. Shell Pension.

November 2020

Communicating in the lift

In 2020, SSPF made considerable progress in the area of communication. 

A project we are very proud of is the communication related to Corona. In cooperation with APS, we succeeded in carefully informing our participants from the very first moment. For example, a special corona page about the impact of the corona virus on pensions went live immediately live in March. A participant oriented approach that was very well received by PensioenPro.

Another topic on which SSPF communicated in detail in 2020 is the pension agreement. By clearly setting out the most important elements, participants know what is going to change for them.

In order to be able to communicate even more individually, video calling was introduced in the first quarter: an additional option to get in touch - face to face - with the client team. This service is being used enthusiastically: from new employees and participants who are about to retire to expats who want to learn more about the Dutch pension system. This is also reflected in the evaluations: video calling is rated with an average score of 9.

In addition, several SMS pilots have been carried out, with pensioners receiving text messages providing relevant pension information. There has been a positive response: only 48 of the 2,000 pensioners unsubscribed.

"The newsletters have been optimised with unprecedented results"

Furthermore, SSPF sent employees who left the company a card requesting them to update their details. This was done by 30 per cent of recipients (5 per cent is the market average) and shows that former employees are very involved with Shell. There was also a pilot where participants whose details were not fully known were called. Of the 130 people that the call centre got hold of, 88 provided additional details, i.e. 67.7 percent.

Another matter that we have worked on over the past year are our newsletters. These have been optimised and are now opened by 85 percent of recipients. A unprecedented result in the pension industry. The Shell Pensioen homepage has also been redesigned, making it easier to find relevant information. In addition, a separate SRI page has been set up. The ESG participant survey, in which 7,000 participants took part, showed that people wanted to know more about  this topic. The page was launched in a light-hearted way with a special Christmas card.

Good to know

To find out how much confidence participants have in the fund, a poll was was carried out. SSPF scored a good 8.5. The results showed that Dutch-speaking members have more confidence in the pension fund than English-speaking members.